Sitemap - 2020 - MUSIC x

✖ What to watch out for in 2021: scarcity models, return to live, and sustainability

✖ The decade of the virtual tour pass

✖ A playbook for musicians wanting to stay relevant in the age of audio-first

✖ Your own personal AI music star

✖ YouTube's recommendation algorithm, music discovery and extremism

✖ Music & blockchain as 2020 concludes

✖ What strategies fit the current cycle of bundling and unbundling in music?

✖ Music streaming as a protocol: why I was wrong about Audius

✖️ Sameness in music and social tech leads to opportunities around digital scarcity

✖️ Why Audius needs to be more like Roblox to succeed in creating a music economy

✖️ What's going on with our sonic data?

✖️ What does digital strategy in a user-centric streaming landscape look like?

✖️ Do we need a care manifesto for the music industry?

✖️ Are investors looking for a fire sale in independent live music?

✖️ Fortnite vs Apple: Facebook enters the ring // Emerging genres, Warner's influencers, digital Burning Man, Instagram & Messenger merge

✖️ BITKRAFT's investments, the metaverse, and what's next for music // A future of new normals requires a local focus

✖️ Better Than Real Life: 8 Generatives // Artificial Intelligence, GPT-3, and music

✖️ Announcing the Artist Lockdown Challenge | More on AI, music data, and the changing nature of music 🔲

✖️ Instagram vs SoundCloud: the battle for the center of music culture | AI music, virtual worlds, and gaming 🎮

✖️ So you want to be an internet DJ / musician: 10 pieces of advice for the coronavirus era 💻

🦠 MUSIC x CORONA: the last 24 hours

✖️ Coronavirus and the future of music 🦠

✖️ Building music communities through Instagram stories 📱

✖️ Fostering local music scenes in an age of austerity, gentrification and climate change 🏚️

✖️ Music narratives, the AI music landscape, and are records a nightmare on wax? 👻

✖️ AI-driven layoffs? Amazon the future of streaming? What is Facebook?

✖️ What if iTunes didn’t happen the way it did? 🍏

✖️ The music business in the 2020s through the lense of global trends 🌪️