And: Communities as clouds; YC: Founders should "plan for the worst"; neume's mission to index web3 music; predatory communities; Troy Carter's NFT-club
And: Samsung x Roblox; as a music product?; Alfie Templeman's Minecraft virtual festival; Free music lessons for children in Luxembourg; Apple…
And: Napster goes Web3; Universal signs NFT licensing deal with LimeWire; Terra, Luna, and what the #CryptoCrash means for music & web3.
And: Patreon Creator Census; A paper-thin loudspeaker; Vinyl & NFTs - trend of format?; 90-9-1 rule of participation; What do fans really want?
And: Holly+ song auction goes live; 2021 music NFT market analysis; Coldplay's green touring app; Social DAW Endlesss makes web3 pivot; Pop culture's…
And: Spotify in Roblox; Where do the ad dollars go?; Diversity and Inclusion in the music industry; Algospeak; Kevin Kelly's 103 bits of advice
With attention volume down to pre-pandemic levels, here's how web3 projects can weather inflation, bear markets and an attention recession
And: Moving beyond patronage; Eco-vinyl and our listening habits; Breaking down Deezer's recent growth; AI creating a new colonial world order; Venues…
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