Sitemap - 2023 - MUSIC x

✘ Shaping markets and network value

✘ Radical agency and science-fictive exploration in sound

✘ Three design tenets for music's "Midjourney moment"

✘ Listening to A.I. Music

✘ Next tech era: play and deeply human experiences

✘ MUSIC x MUTEK - a collaborative exploration of artists' agency in new tech

✘ Community, scene, meme & lasting cultural impact

✘ Dive into a world of virtual humans & other beings

✘ How do we create new economic markets for music?

✘ AI Will Eat Itself... And That's Okay

✘ An expansion of possibilities: generative AI from a musician’s perspective

✘ What are you excited about? What work needs to be done to make that reality?

✘ The artist-fan connection on stage is changing

✘ How the music industry can actually benefit from NFTs

✘ Innovation in music: on tech and culture

✘ HiFi audio is like 4K video - consumers don't actually want it

✘ Getting off the treadmill - an attempt to socialize the financialization of music

✘ Ssshhh, it's not about the music, it's about you

✘ Speculate or communicate - dreaming big on music NFTs

✘ Web2, Web3, let's think about the spectrum

✘ Community is a dirty word

✘ A meditation on time, with music

✘ Musicians as artistic agencies, and how that grows overall music revenues

✘ What happens when music is no longer static?

✘ Web2 vs Web3, or how community doesn't scale a business

✘ First Web3 music patent for capital distribution + A guide on music mobility funding

✘ Interdependent musician ecosystems as media networks

✘ Building new scenes or collectives in music - an antidote to loneliness

✘ On the power dynamics of decentralization in music

✘ Routines, pervasive technologies, and music collectives

✘ Will we see Spotify adopt a paid subscription with ads model?

✘ The Future of Music Curation: Two Divergent Paths

✘ Fan engagement, streaming, and albums

✘ DAO and the danger of collectivising

✘ A DAO is a tool

✘ Fans to communities & the expression of value

✘ Blockchain fundamentals, alternative models to funding & Onboarding

✘ There's no playbook to success in the music industry