Sitemap - 2022 - MUSIC x

✘ Let's forget about scale in 2023

✘ An invitation to dig into what crypto music means

✘ Not all music tells a story

✘ Crypto music flows with quality, now we need very disco

✘ Fortnite, Minecraft and Meta Too: is the future of touring virtual?

✘ Reimagining Twitter #music

✘ Mercy, Mercy Me: the climate cost of live music

✘ Too broke to play: how touring is turning musicians (and us) penniless

✘ Community isn't a new thing

Believe them when they say: touring is breaking musicians

✘ Introducing a thoughtful series on touring + I started a podcast

✘ Revisiting 1 billion music creators

✘ Utility is in the ear of the holder - emergence and communities

✘ Revenue splits and revenue shares. What's actually fair? And who decides this?

✘ A thought experiment on copyright and visual or sonic identities?

✘ A not so Awesome Merch story

✘ Artists have a responsibility to engage with new tools & tech

✘ Your number 1 issue is storytelling - here's how to start your story

✘ The future of AI-powered robot artists (isn't FN Meka, it's Fi)

✘ Web2 or Web3, you still need to find the levers to get your network together

✘ What is a label? Why do you need it? How is it changing its purpose?

✘ Kids' behaviours in our current digital age

✘ What makes things 'Better Than Free' in 2022?

✘ Parasocial relationships and trials and tribulations in intimate communities

✘ What would 'Exit to Community' look like for artists?

✘ What's happening with brand partnerships?

✘ It's the consumer, stupid

✖ Web3 music needs gatekeeping. Here's why.

✖️NFT Contract Builder V2 & BTS going on a break nearly breaks Hybe

✖️ #CryptoCrash: what it means & doesn't mean for music

✖️ Activate and retain your community - lore as a metric

✖️ Chains & rails: How Songcamp builds community-first music infrastructure

✖️ Who will you be in a world of avatars? And will you be in control of that identity?

✖️ An experiment in community-driven media education

✖️ The difference between audience & community

✖️ On flattening hierarchies and other power dynamics

✖️ Web3: returning ethics to networked reality

✖️ Should communities be free?

✖️ Six personal takeaways from building a community DAO with COLORS

✖️ What's your minimum viable community?

✖️ The attention recession: blessing or curse for the cultural web3 space?

✖️ What's a better internet?

✖️ Community as the most meaningful context for NFTs

✖️ Five predictions about music streaming's future

✖️ Should we decentralize creativity?

✖️ What should we be building and for whom? On communities, audiences & customers

✖️ 6 lessons for music startup founders that I learned the hard way

✖️ What's the value of unbundled music?

✖️ Why the 2020s are the decade of community

✖️ URL vs IRL - Tyler's "What even is an NFT" & Dua Lipa's reluctance for Studio 2054

✖️ Why artists should appeal to selfishness

✖️ Layering experiences into a modular NFT contract template

✖️ Metaverse thoughts about Epic Games / Bandcamp acquisition

✖Science Fiction, Web3 and Decentralization, or two ways of reinterpreting the meaning of Decentralization

✖️ The virtuous, or vicious, cycle of bundling and unbundling in the attention economy

✖️ Metaverse, schmetaverse: the guiding principles music should focus on

✖️ What are they building in there? And why they shouldn't necessarily care whether you know

✖️ NFTs, externalities, and the future of music

✖️ Contrasting modes of behaviour in crypto (music)

✖️ Under the loop: tokenized music communities in Seed Club's 4th acceleration cohort 🕵️

✖️ Inclusion, diversity, fairness: an open letter to the music & tech community

✖️ Why I don't believe in music royalty NFTs, yet

✖️ A sense of belonging in virtual events: project density

✖️ The Web3 is not a (singular) space

✖️ Cost per hit versus catalog

✖️ Onboarding: the key to long-term sustainable communities

✖️ David Bowie – Artist, disruptor, creative technologist

✖️ How the emerging Web3 WILL and WON’T disrupt music streaming