Sitemap - 2021 - MUSIC x

✖️ The value & values of music and musicians – on human economies

✖️ Instagram & Shopify NFTs; TikTok algorithm changes; Music NFT fan sentiment; Web3 onboarding strategies; Creator subscription economy; Indie publishing rights' market share

✖️ Burn it down or build a bridge? Contracts, royalties & NFTs

✖️ Three Web3 principles that will permeate online culture in the next 10 years

✖️ Acoustic Communities in late-19th Century mills and mines

✖️ Flipping the funnel: building your fanbase one fan at a time

✖️ Where do Web2 fanbases fit in Web3?

✖️ Gebrauchsmusik: on the utility of music

✖️ What to do when getting invited to that Saudi gov't organised music event? It's not difficult.

✖️ The fall and rise of attention: towards a direct-to-audience economy

✖️ When web3 platforms die, communities can rebuild: a Hic et Nunc case-study

✖️ Crypto-monetizing music on Discord with tone, WVRPS’ generative audiovisual NFTs, geniuscorp & hic et nunc radio

✖️ How to accelerate a music & tech start-up?

✖️ What’s cooking in Music DAOs? MusicFund, Dreams Never Die, Water & Music, FWB Gatekeeper, Polly, XYZ & Club BPM

✖️ We don't need music, all we need is a creative process

✖️ Lana Del Rey: how to kill an artistic persona in the social media age

✖️ 3 levels of DAO involvement for musicians (and those who love music)

✖️ The promise, pitfalls & possibilities of Web3: case study music

✖️ Who controls the flow of money in music?

✖️ Artificial scarcity isn’t bad and it’s not just a jpeg (on NFTs)

✖ One billion music creators: what does that look like?

✖ Iterative music culture, generative AI and the Web3

✖️ Livestreaming and the horseless carriage syndrome

✖️ NFT Avatars and Onboarding Subcultures to the Web3

✖ How do you discover new music?

✖ In the future musicians will be more like Bach than Kanye

✖ Recycle, repackage, remix

✖ What you should learn about the music business today

✖ Post-pandemic music scenes

✖️ Autonomy on a human scale: cooperatives to DAOs

✖️ How to spot scammers in the music NFT space

✖️ Song Breaker Chart shows influencers' impact

✖ 8 bots for building Discord fan communities

✖ 'Tarzan Economics': the good, the bad, and the next vine

✖️ A music service based on collective bids on NFTs (aka fractional NFT ownership)

✖️ Data Autonomy, The Creator Economy and Web3

✖️ What do you buy when you buy merch?

✖️ A simple guide to disrupting the music industry

✖️ Resilient musicians: from the individual to a collective

✖️ The non-static tipping point: how culture’s going non-linear and generative

✖️ On utility and story-telling in a new public sphere

✖️ The web3's user-friendliness barrier for music

✖️ A round up of TECH and X for music

✖️ Video primer: set up your crypto wallet, buy your first NFT, and be onboarded to the Web3

✖️ Wait, is Spotify trying to make all musicians creators?

✖️ Why I’m participating in Songcamp Elektra ⚡️

✖️ Livestream monetization strategies, or learning from Inter Miami CF

✖️ Blockchain basics: how to start a DAO

✖️ A music service based on zero-knowledge proofs

✖️ Music is getting the first peer-to-peer DeFi platform backed by real world assets: Opulous

✖️ Would you invest in a musician or band? Towards tokenized fandoms

✖️ The community-owned rave: event organisers as DAOs

✖️ Communities exchange value, or how no artist should care how much YouTube pays the industry

✖️ The Decentralized Autonomous "1,000 True Fan" Organisation

✖ Livestream tech breaking down

✖ Emerging artists and a livestream strategy

✖ Does Apple’s lossless streaming move impair fairer subscription prices?

✖ Mode of growth: NFTs, ownership, copyrights, blockchains

✖ Why Twitter is better positioned for tipping musicians than streaming services like Spotify and SoundCloud

✖️ Designing the future sound of everyday life

✖️ Why fanbases need to be networks, rather than channels

✖ The 'sachetization' of music consumption

✖ Why YouTube is the streaming service to watch

✖ Live music is all you need, right? A hybrid tale

✖ Streaming services: it’s time for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

✖ Pandemic state of mind

✖ Thinking small: a meditation on scale vs success for artists

✖ The value of piracy: future back thinking

✖ Deplatform yourself: how to leave Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp

✖ Lil Nas X, Wendy Carlos & the attention economy

✖ Web3, the internet of value, and concerning barriers to participation

✖ AI-powered robot rappers: a 100 year history

✖ The metaverse's new media contexts for music

✖ A necessary legal fight: collective rights management and allocation in the 21st Century

✖ One year of COVID-19 lockdowns

✖ Guide: Vaccination passports & their role in reopening live music

✖ Four reflections on SoundCloud’s fan-powered royalties & the flaws of subscription models

✖ Music NFTs: why buy them?

✖ User-centric streaming payments: dead in the water?

✖ Dream: the future of massive interactive live events for music

✖ The music companies going remote long-term: database

✖ No meritocracy in music: direct-to-fan, brand partnerships, rights management

✖ How SoundCloud should tackle fan-artist payments and reconquer lost ground from Bandcamp, Instagram & TikTok

✖ The pandemic has changed music education for good. These are the opportunities

✖ NFTs are blockchain’s hottest new use case for music. They should not come as a surprise.

✖ Music is the creator economy catalyst

✖ Smarter Playlists: automate your music discovery, playlist strategy, and library organisation

✖ Only 1% of a musicians' life happens on stage, the rest is careering

✖ If you want to start a music brand, don’t wait until the pandemic is over

✖ Podcasts and music, it's not a fight!

✖ Music startup Wave ditches VR as Steam reports 71% increase in virtual reality revenue

✖ Music's TV opportunity: connected TVs and advertising revenues

✖ Music's non-static future as seen through music making app Endlesss

✖ The future is a robot K-Pop star

✖ The rise of the fan-centric streaming service