Not an artist but a creator :) and here are my 2 cents.

I thought about this for so long. Because I try a lot of new platforms and tools for myself, and eventually I came to conclusion that most of the platforms that I have tried really don't care about creators.

This is my personal experience below.

I register, go to their discord server contribute to the platform engage in conversations. Everything that any user can and should do. They listen and engage with my experiences, make events invite me to those events I talk on those events bla bla bla. All in all, I spend a big amount of time there and share a lot of resources.

Then usually one of a few things happen:

- they onboard a big creator that brings "legitimacy" to their platform and build a platform specifically for their needs.

- they take all that feedback and again make a platform for specifically big creators, and price the platform accordingly.

- they take the feedback and just do nothing with it but build an image of "creator-first" platform because "see how many people are talking on our discord server".

And maybe my bad experiences outshine the good ones here, but it's just exhausting. Being pro creator(artist) means actually building for them, not for a specific subset of people.

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